quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2009

Qual o futuro dos blogues literários, os "litblogs"?

"One bright spot in recent years has been the emergence of literary blogs that are often more enthusiastic than professional, but nevertheless provide expanded coverage of literary fiction. Linking to newspapers and magazines all over the world, the "litblogs" provide lively and informative reading but they are generally run out of the proprietor's home on a shoestring, though some accept limited advertising to keep going.

To a certain extent, this has been a good thing for publishers, who now routinely send review copies to bloggers, as well as established reviewers. But no one has demonstrated that litblog readers are a significant part of the book- buying public.

More to the point, litblogs, like other Internet sites, pay nothing for the privilege of linking to the publications on their websites. If Google is thinking about paying for the news it reprints, why not what some have called a paywall for litblogs?"

Excerto de um interessante artigo do Denver Post, que pode ser lido na íntegra aqui.

Via Bibliotecário de Babel

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