domingo, 8 de agosto de 2010

As leitoras de Daryl Zang

A pintora fala de como a sua vida pessoal, a sua escrita e a sua pintura se interseccionam:

"Art, for me, is deeply personal and I often describe my paintings as autobiographical. The greatest turning point in my work came when I found myself at home as a new mother. I began to paint the emotions I experienced everyday in order to create relatable images of my particular time and place. In my paintings, I stress ambivalence, isolation, and exhaustion but also the private, restful moments of peace that we all treasure in our hectic lives.

Women’s lives are so multifaceted that the potential for subject matter is seemingly endless. Despite what may be perceived as a narrow niche, I have found that the personal component of my work resonates with both men and women. There are themes common to all of us which are simply human.

My process is somewhat different from other artists in that I develop my paintings from words. My journals serve as a guide and when I find myself dwelling on a particular experience, my writing becomes the foundation for a real and honest image.

I create paintings that reflect my own situation but in doing so address the unique challenges that many of us face. The emotional ups and downs of my life are the inspiration for my work. I know I have been successful when a viewer realizes they are not alone with these feelings. The stories of personal triumph and tragedy that my work often elicits validate my belief in my work. Those connections are incredibly gratifying and fuel my enthusiasm for painting.

Daryl Zang

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