sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2013

O futuro das bibliotecas num mundo digital / "The Future of Librarians in an EBook World"

"In an environment where we are continually being solicited to buy, click on, or otherwise consume products selected for us by algorithms (which often make ridiculous and even insulting suggestions), the presence of a guiding human sensibility seems more valuable than ever. A good librarian, unlike the monetizing formulas employed by Google or Amazon or Facebook, is not only capable of independent thought, he or she is also committed to nurturing critical thinking in others. All the technological bells and whistles a library can employ are pretty much worthless if there’s no one minding the store".

Este é o excerto de um artigo pertinente sobre os desafios que hoje se colocam às bibliotecas. Leia na íntegra AQUI.

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