segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2015

Será "As 50 Sombras de Grey" um conto de fadas com algemas? / "'50 Shades' Is Just 'Beauty and the Beast' with Handcuffs and Sex Toys"

"At its most basic, Fifty Shades of Greylike Twilight, and like so many bestsellers that have come beforeappealed not just to suburban housewives, but to the little girls they had once been. The story is less a booster for bondage (such as Pauline Réage’s legendary erotica, Story of O) than a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. At the end of her saga, when all the whips have been sheathed and the harnesses have been unstrung, Anastasia Steele has tamed and wedded her beast, given birth to one of his children, and conceived another. In its final lines, the narrative appears less a celebration of sexual transgression than of the nuclear family".

Leia AQUI todo o artigo de Sarah Marshall.

AQUI falei do que achei sobre esta triologia que li na íntegra. Quanto ao filme, não me posso pronunciar porque ainda não vi. Mas tenho intenção de ver. 

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