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10 razões para leres mais / 10 reasons why you need to start reading more

Kristin Kest

Reading has so many amazing benefits. In some cases, reading can make you more successful. Here are 10 reasons why you need to start reading more today.

#1 It’s a source of inspiration
There is nothing more inspiring than a good autobiography. Reading about the challenges and successes of others can be a real motivator. This inspiration can help spur you on to reach those goals.

# 2 Help with relaxation
For career girls to be successful striking the right balance between work and downtime is essential. Switching off from social media and taking time to curl up with a book can be so relaxing. Unwinding properly will ensure you are well rested and ready to face the upcoming challenges that lie ahead.

#3 It expands your vocabulary
Reading new and interesting material will certainly broaden your vocabulary. Your boss will be impressed when you have nailed that tricky presentation with interesting and unique descriptions.

#4 Your knowledge will increase
Reading makes you smarter. Taking in extra information by reading a wide range of books, journals and industry magazines will boost your intelligence. This is a massive plus for career girls.

#5 Help to focus
Reading takes patience and commitment. To read you must focus and avoid distractions. The ability to focus is highly beneficial for your working life. It will lead to increased productivity and help you smash that daunting to-do-list!

#6 You will be a better writer
It is necessary to read more to become a better writer. Reading on a regular basis will ensure those pitches and reports are succinct and polished. Everyone will be impressed. (...)

#7 It Assists with Problem Solving.
You will be more intelligent. Reading will make you more creative and innovative. Tricky issues and problems will be resolved much easier. You will face issues with a more analytical approach.

#8 Improved Memory
The brain is like every part of the body, it needs regular workouts to stay in shape. Reading will keep the mind sharp and improve the memory.

#9 Goal Setting
Reading often will assist with setting and achieving goals. It will drive you forward to meet targets and ambitions. Reading will benefit you massively by helping you plan goals and sticking to them.

#10 Increased Empathy
You will have an increased awareness of social situations. Being able to empathise better is a critical skill for success in business. Being able to identify and alleviate a potential client concern is a powerful trait.

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