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Montra de Natal / Window Shopping

Montra de Natal em Baltimore, 1938. 
A. Aubrey Bodine.

Window Shopping

Isn't it great to go window shopping?
I enjoy, looking at everything I see.
No matter what it is, I'm looking at
automatically, I picture it on me.
Every window, has such beautiful
displays. I can't help but stand there
and stare. I just spied this fabulous
red sweater, it was made for me, I'd
swear! Red is one of my favorite
colors, it gives me a special kind of
glow. Whenever I wear it, heads will
turn, so I know. As a matter of fact,
I can wear any color, the exception
being lime green. It's not a flattering
color, so on me, it will never be seen.
There are so many lovely things, to
look at, I could spend hours and never
worry about the time. But the best part
of all, I can shop as long as I like and
never, spend a dime!

Audrey Heller

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