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"The Workplace Writer's Process: A Guide to Getting the Job Done": a minha "review"

"The Workplace Writer's Process: A Guide to Getting the Job Done", de Anne Janzer, foi-me cedido pela Netgalley e pelo editor para que eu fizesse uma apreciação honesta deste livro. Não há de momento edição em português. Publiquei a minha opinião na Amazon e no Goodreads com 5/5 estrelas e a seguinte "review":

"The Workplace Writer’s Process" is not only about writing, it's a book about structure and organization. It teaches how to write for an organization, how to handle those who influence your writing work and how to overcome external and internal obstacles to a text that is useful to the reader.

This is a book for those whose writing is their job but I think it is also useful for those who simply have writing as a hobby. This book teaches you about discipline, time management, the importance of planning and the fabulous idea of "the incubation effect". So true!

Another truth written by this author is about research: "Excessive research is a dangerous form of procrastination". I know it! But it's good to have it explained!

And "Inspiration tends to follow action, not precede it".

In the end, go to Anne Janzer's site and download the worksheets and checklists from the book. And subscribe to her Writing Practices email list. She really gives good advice about writing!

I received this book as an eARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review".

Podem saber mais no site da autora.

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