quinta-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2014

Compilação da primeira frase de 700 romances...uma publicação para download gratuíto / "In the Beginning: Great Opening Lines from Your Favorite Books" free download

O livro In the Beginning: Great Opening Lines from Your Favorite Books, que tem como editor Hans Bauer, está disponível para download gratuíto na Amazon, AQUI

"Fascinating, amusing, and mesmerizing, IN THE BEGINNING presents the all-important first sentence to over 700 famous novels. Arranged alphabetically by title, and searchable by author, the selections range from classics to trendy best-sellers, from romances to westerns, from potboilers to prize winners, from sci-fi to the best of children's literature. Some beginnings are well remembered, others are brilliant but forgotten. Whether your literary tastes run to Virginia Woolf or Tom Wolfe, Edith Wharton or Stephen King, Ernest Hemingway or Gabriel García Márquez, you will delight in these great opening lines from your favorite books".

Eu já tenho o meu! :) 

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